frequently asked questions

How long is the warranty?

We offer a 1-year warranty from manufacturer's defects from your purchase date. Please make sure to keep your receipt. If you have any issues or questions please let us know.

Is RGB patented?

Absolutely! It is fully patented in the US and patent pending in several other countries.

I want to change the color. Can I paint it?

Yes. You can use Flex Seal, for example, to paint it. Use any spray paint that is "rubberized" (silicone-based). First give it a light sanding (just enough to scratch the outside surface) and then give it a few coats of Flex Seal.

How strong is it?

We've over-engineered RGB - more than twice the thickness the engineers said would be "fine." We ran it over with a Jeep and it bounced back with no damage.

How do you mount RGB on the tire?

Every rim is different so where you put the ratchet straps will be different. You want the straps as far away from center as possible. Don't over-tighen. Click below to watch the instruction video.

Is RGB waterproof?

Sorry but no. We designed it so it is fairly water resistant in that it seats up against the tire and the lid overlaps the sidewalls of the container about an inch. Plus, it does have a slot at the bottom for drainage if water does get in. No water got in but your situation may be different.

How is your Recovery Gear Box locked onto the spare tire?

It's not technically locked to the spare tire (unless you feed a cable lock through it and through the rim) but would-be thieves can't get to the ratchet straps that secures it to the spare tire to cut so it is very secure.

How much stuff can I put in my Recovery Gear Box?

RGB is pretty big so it will be able to hold a lot….really it depends more on weight. The owner's manual for a Jeep Wrangler states, "If you have added aftermarket accessories to the spare tire mounted carrier, it cannot exceed a gross weight of 85 lbs (38.5kg) including the weight of the spare tire." OEM spare tire and rim is about 50lbs so you can load it with about 35 lbs of recovery gear. Aftermarket tire carriers can carry more weight so if you need to add more gear, you should upgrade your tire carrier.

What is RGB made from?

HDPE - same as plastic gas cans

I have a backup camera. Can I use RGB?

Yes. There is a large hole in the center of the back of RGB where the camera sticks through. If you want to relocate your camera (and license plate, license plate lights, and third brake light), you can purchase our relocation kit which attaches to RGB's hinge.