About RGB

I’ve been asked many times how I came up with my Recovery Gear Box (RGB)? It’s a bit of a long story but since you asked here goes……

I took a friend of mine off-roading in Borrego Springs (southern California). “(Tom, you know who you are. )” It was very windy and the sand was blowing. He followed me over a hill but I saw there was nowhere to go so I turned around and went back down. I noticed Tom wasn't behind me so I went back to see what happened and he was high centered; he dug himself in the sand all the way down to his floor boards. I opened the back of my Jeep, searched through a few containers until I found my strap and "D" shackles, hooked him up, pulled him out, disconnected, threw everything in the back of my Jeep because it was blowing so much sand. That's when I thought there has to be a better way. I should be able to attach my strap to the shackle and store it somewhere outside. When I need it, easily and quickly (both of those keywords are important) pull it out, use it, put it back (again easily and quickly), and go. The recovery strap (and my other recovery equipment and tools) needed to be on the outside of my Jeep, lockable, and organized.

So of course, I searched Amazon, eBay, Google….I found nothing that fit what I wanted which was:

  • A recovery gear box that I could organize my recovery gear
  • A recovery gear box that could fit my (or any) size tire
  • A recovery gear box that could attach to my spare tire
  • A recovery gear box that was "lockable" to the tire and lockable itself
  • A recovery gear box that could hold as much as my spare tire hinge could handle
  • And very important, A recovery gear box that was where I needed it - on the back!

I couldn't find anything, anywhere so I thought I had to make one myself. I spent countless hours coming up with the design and putting it on paper. I spent countless more with my son digitizing it. We made our first prototype out of aluminum. It was ugly but worked just how I wanted it to.

My Recovery Gear Box proof of concept was a success! Fast forward about 2 years and here we are.

Feature-rich? Yeah, we’ve put dozens and dozens of hours into thinking what we would want in a recovery gear box. You can organize your recovery gear using hook and loop strips (brand name: Velcro®). You can double stack items so you can store even more. You can connect a (up to) 3" recovery strap or snatch strap to your shackle and then store it in RGB. It’s not waterproof but has been designed to be water resistant. The holes at the bottom allow water out. If you have a smaller tire and backup camera, there’s a hole for that. You can lock it. It’s universal meaning you can put it on almost any size tire with almost any type of rim.

It’s patented! RGB has over 1850 cubic inches (8 gallons) of storage. Don't forget that you can have your rescue strap connected to your shackle, store the rest in RGB, and then lock it.

Here's an example of what happens when you can't organize your recovery equipment.

You'll need whatever is at the bottom but since you can't see it, you'll look elsewhere.
There is no metal bracket that rusts, it’s fixed solidly on your spare tire, if water does get in, it can drain, and….it looks cool. Don’t forget that it’s “locked” to the spare tire and lockable so your gear is safe.

Going off road is always on my mind….I’m constantly looking at the local off-road clubs’ websites for my next trip, I make my own trips, days before the trip, I’m planning what we’ll need, the night before a trip, I can't sleep.

On many of my off-road trips, I thought, "if I only had _______" (fill in the blank), "wouldn't _______ (fill in the blank) make things so much easy/better/more convenient?" Then, I get back to civilization, go online, and search for one of those things. A few times after searching and searching and not finding what I needed, I thought, "I should make that." Then another and another….after I had a number of product ideas that I couldn't find, I decided I needed to start making them myself.

In late 2020, Off Road In Mind, LLC was born with the idea that we make off-roading products that are unique. That means you won't find any products that are already "out there."

Our Recovery Gear Box is huge (over 24” x 24” x 8”)! As you can see in the photos, so are the molds. Each mold set (there are two: one for the container part and one for the lid part) weights about the same as a GEO Metro!