Off-Roading FAQs

What gear do you need to prepare for off-roading? 

First time off-roading? There are a couple of things that you need to make sure that you have on hand to be prepared for your trip. Some of these are hand tools, work gloves, a work light, jump starter, an air compressor, and most importantly, a recovery gear box. Off Road In Mind offers their very own Recovery Gear Box to store all the equipment you may need for that weekend trip. 

Is off-roading dangerous?

Like all kinds of activities, off roading has its dangers such as your vehicle rolling over and the possibility of getting ejected from your vehicle. Always exercise precaution and safety when off roading to prevent any accidents.

What vehicles are good for off-road?

There are a lot of vehicles to choose from when off roading, depending on the specifications you are looking for. You can opt for a Toyota Land Cruiser, a RAM Power Wagon, or a Nissan Frontier Pro-4X, to name a few. 


Do you need 4x4 for off-roading?

For an easier time navigating through rough terrains, a four-wheel drive or 4x4 is highly recommended because it was exactly built for off roading. You can still use a two-wheel drive vehicle, however, you may have a harder time driving through rough road conditions.

What does it mean to go off-roading?

Off roading is driving your vehicle through rough terrain that is made of snow, gravel, mud, rocks, and sand. 

What is the point of off-roading?

Looking for something fun and exciting to do outside of the usual? For those who are want to combine their enthusiasm for the great outdoors with their love for driving around new places, off roading is just another fun adventure you can try. 

What kind of terrain is best suited for off-road driving?

There are different kinds of terrains to choose from when off-roading depending on what you feel like doing for your trip. You can opt for a muddy terrain, or other natural terrain surfaces such as grass, sand, and gravel.

What should I do to take care of my safety while off-roading?

As with any activity that can potentially cause accidents, it is important to exercise safety and precaution measures to have an enjoyable trip without having to worry a lot. It is important that your family or someone close to you knows about your whereabouts in case of an emergency. It is also important to stock up your vehicle with the necessary tools you might need for your trip. Check out the Recovery Gear Box from Off Road In Mind for your tool storage needs. 

What is the best time of year to go off-roading? 

You can go off-roading at any time of the year. Just be sure that your vehicle is capable to handle the extreme weather conditions and the different terrain situations you may face. Always be prepared and exercise safety in your off-roading adventures. With Off Road In Mind’s Recovery Gear Box, you are sure that you have everything you need in whatever situation you may find yourself in. 

Is off-roading bad for your truck?

No, off-roading is not bad for your truck. Like any other vehicle problems, you exercise the necessary safety precautions to make sure that your car or truck can last in a gritty and unforgiving landscape. Get a Recovery Gear Box from Off Road In Mind for your vehicle’s tools and gears. 

What tools should I bring off-roading? 

It is important for any driver to store the necessary tools you need to be better prepared for any emergency situations you may encounter while on the road. A couple of the tools you must have with you on hand are a winch, work gloves, a spade, a deflator, and a tool set. Check out Off Road In Mind’s Recovery Gear Box for maximum storage of the tools you will have to bring to your next drive out. 

How do I handle rock crawling and approaching other off-road obstacles?

Rock crawling is a kind of off-roading, which involves your vehicle going over rocks and boulders of various heights. It is important to drive slow and steady to make sure that your vehicle gets over these rocks in one piece. Before engaging in any off-road activity, it is a must that you should do your own research if one, your vehicle can withstand the rough terrain; and two, what tools and gears you should bring for you to be safe and prepared. Check out Off Road In Mind’s website for their Recovery Gear Box. 

What are the most common off-roading accidents or vehicle issues?

As you are encountering rough and uneven surfaces when driving, a number of issues may arise after your trip. Some of these are tire and body damage, transmission problems, and wheel misalignment. You can also get into accidents while driving such as getting ejected from your vehicle, and rolling or flipping over of your vehicle. Always exercise safety precautions when driving, and check your vehicle before and after a drive. For emergency purposes, get a Recovery Gear Box from Off Road In Mind for your car tools and gears. 

Are there any general off-roading safety rules to follow?

It is important to stress the need of safety precautions when off roading. Always inform someone on your trip and for how long it may last, so authorities can be alerted of any emergency if you ever go missing. Practice safety rules by always wearing your seatbelt, and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times to be safe in cases of car rolling or flipping. Keep a survival kit in your vehicle, as well as a tool kit for your essentials. The Recovery Gear Box by Off Road In Mind is highly recommended for organizing your gears and tools in case you need it. 

How should I behave on the local off-roading trails?

As with any trip, know the rules and regulations of the place that you are going to and obey them at all times. If you encounter other people using the trail such as bikers or hikers, give way to them. Respect your surroundings by keeping the disturbances brought about by your off-roading to a minimum. 

How does a 4x4 work?

A four-wheel drive is used for its traction and power. It works by sending power to the transmission when it is engaged. It then gets split into two different axles: the front axle and the wheel axle. For your vehicle to move, it must have traction with the road when the torque gets transferred to the wheels. 

What should I look for in an off-road vehicle?

What you should look for in an off-road vehicle depends on your wants and needs. First, you must check the vehicle’s vertical clearance to avoid severe damage. You should also look at your prospective vehicle’s breakover, approach, and departure angles. Lastly, for a more personalized feel, you may also opt to look at it’s aftermarket support, such as accessories, tires, and other car parts. 

Can an AWD (All Wheel Drive) go off-road?

Yes, you can take an all-wheel drive off roading. However, it is only recommended for light-off roading, or for terrain which is less severe such as beaches.  

Are bigger tires better for off-road?

An advantage for getting bigger tires in off-roading, is that it elevates your car, giving you better ground clearance. However, always check the type of terrain you are driving beforehand, and get the corresponding tires to fit your needs. 

What size wheel is best for off-roading?

The usual size of wheels for off roading is 16 and 17 inches. Remember that it is best to fit your wheels with tires with a wheel diameter not going above half of the tire height. 

What is the most off-road capable vehicle?

Some of the most trusted and reliable vehicles for off-roading are the Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Discovery, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Mercedes-Benz G-Class, to name a few.  


Is a lifted vehicle better for off-roading?

Generally, a lifted vehicle is recommended for off-roading because it will give you better ground clearance to giving your car severe damage in rough terrain. This allows you to get bigger tires installed, which then increases the traction of your wheels to the ground.

What does rock crawling refer to while off-roading? 

Rock crawling is involves going over uneven rocks and boulders, which your vehicle needs to “crawl over”, hence the term.

Are skinny tires better for mud?

Yes, skinny or narrower tires are preferred for mudding. This is because skinny tires can cut through mud easily as it has less surface area. 

What does a snowflake on a tire mean?

When your tire has a snowflake printed it in, it means that your tire has met the minimum requirements that a tire needs to give you traction in winter weather conditions.

Is off-roading expensive?

Off-roading can actually budget friendly, if you know where to look. There are cost effective options out there in the market that could get your started on your new off-roading hobby.